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Introduction of Company

Elia International trading and construction active in the fields:
Design, consult, supervise, Project management and contract management with more than seventeen
years of experience managing large projects at home and abroad.
Elia International trading and construction Company in
2002 with the aim of creating an Iranian
organization with a valid name and credit in the area and strive for international development was
registered. The Chairman of the Board and CEO is Engineer Hamed Amiri.
The company during its operation by gathering a group of capable and experienced specialists and
technical staff, high potential for the implementation of large projects in Created inside and outside of

this high technical potential along with risk
taking and founders with enthusiasm for Indigenize
technologies related to their field of expertise ,make the company always at the forefront of
entering new markets and providing a wider range of services to its employers.
We have set up a structure and presented a program that adheres to ethical principles and
adheres to commitments.
We are also constantly monitoring the interests of our employers and providing them with the
best model.
We believe that adhering to this policy, while ensuring our continued success,
Gains credibility and maintains the trust of our employers.
Due to the strategic position of Iran in the Middle East region and having modern
technologies, infrastructure and rich resources, this possibility of any business activity is
provided. Also due to the presence of this company in countries other than Iran and our
good experience. This set is ready for any negotiation on business issues, obtaining or
granting representation and business affairs.